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señor guerra


señor guerra

Neymar. La biografía definitiva del nuevo crack mundial
(Neymar – The Making of the World's Greatest new number 10)
Planeta, 2014, 240 pages

He turned 21 on February 5, 2013 and Times Magazine has already named him ‘The Next Pele’ on its cover. Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is the new global football superstar. He is a garoto (teen for the Brazilian) polite and gracious that thanks to his mastery at dribbling and shooting and his ability to fulfil the most daring mischiefs, makes children and adults dream. It is a bird that knows to fly over the grass. A phenomenon of this game as it has not been seen in time and an impressive media phenomenon. Sponsorships come to him like flies to the honey. His earnings: more than 20 million Euro a year, following France Football. With Santos, the team where O Rei Pelé played almost his whole life, he’s reached three national Championships, one Brazilian Cup, a Libertadores Cup and has been elected twice as the best player of South America. Wearing the 10 of the canarinha, a heavy weight shirt for Brazil, he doesn’t seem to feel the responsibility - as showed in the Confederations Cup. Everybody is waiting for him to be the next year’s World Cup absolute star. With Barcelona, ​​that has signed him for 57 million Euro, he’ll be able to grow training alongside Leo Messi, becoming one of the most lethal partnerships in football’s History. "I adore Ney", was read in a banner waved by a girl the day of the presentation of the Brazilian icon at the Camp Nou. She's not the only one. All who love football are crazy about Neymar Junior.

This biography starts on June 3, 2013, with the presentation of the phenomenon at the Camp Nou, and reconstructs the life and career of this world football last icon from his birth in Mogi da Cruzes, Sao Paulo. Follow his path to Sao Vicente and Santos, his first steps in football in the Portuguese teams like Santista until his move in 2003 to Santos. A guided tour by the hands of his friends, his family, his coaches, his teammates, his advisors. Voices and testimonies of people, journalists and fans put together to finally draw a 360 degree portrait of a guy who loves the ball, able to leave the world jaw-dropped with it on his feet.

Rights already sold: English (Icon Books), Italian (Castelvecchi), Catalonian (Columna), Czech (Timy Partners), Slovak (Timy P) Dutch (Thomas Rap), German (Werkstatt), Polish (Sine Qua Non), Hebrew (Yedioth), Hungarian (Gabo), Brazilian (Ciranda).


señor guerra


señor guerra

Cristiano Ronaldo. Historia de una ambición sin límites
(Ronaldo – The Obsession for Perfection)
Córner - Roca Editorial, 2012, 201 pages

From the author of the bestselling Torres and Messi, a revealing new biography of Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo

When a young Portuguese player with sublime abilities arrived at Manchester United in 2003, Alex Ferguson put the no. 7 shirt – once worn by Best, Cantona and Beckham – on his back without hesitation. The expectation was clear, and Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t disappoint.

Ronaldo won the FIFA World Footballer of the Year in 2008, the first Premier League player ever to do so. Since his record-breaking £80m move to Real Madrid, his goal-scoring flair has continued and made his on-going rivalry with Barcelona’s Lionel Messi even more intense.

Luca Caioli tells the inside story of this global superstar both on and off the pitch, unveiling the life of one of modern football’s great players as never before.

Rights sold: Czech (Timy Partners), Korean (Grijoa), Danish (Turbulenz), English (Icon Books), French (Rocher), Germany (Werkstatt), Dutch (Uitgeverij Thomas Rap), Polish (Sine Qua Non) and Slovak (Timy Partners), Portuguese (Presença) languages.

señor guerra

Vicente del Bosque. Mil gracias
Viceversa, 2011

Tras el éxito de La Roja al proclamarse campeona del mundo en Sudáfrica, Vicente del Bosque se convirtió en uno de los hombres más queridos de nuestro país. Y no sólo por haber conseguido nuestro ansiado primer título mundial, sino también por su inigualable estilo: su aplomo, su imperturbable serenidad, su sensatez y su distinguida humildad.

El periodista Luca Caioli ha querido rendir un emotivo homenaje a este hombre tranquilo. José Bono, Estopa, Fernando Llorente, Pepe Reina, María Pagés, Camacho, Ferran Adrià, Angélica Liddell, Fernando Hierro, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, Ottmar Hitzfeld, Modesto Lomba, Santillana, Santiago Segurola… y muchos otros hablan de Vicente del Bosque. Un hombre que también habla de sí mismo en una larga conversación con el autor.

Il Campione che sorride


Il Campione che sorride

MESSI - El niño que no podía crecer
(Messi – The Inside Story of the Boy who became a Legend)
Grup 62, 2010, 2012, 203 pp.

Lionel Messi is pure talent; he was born to play football. Aged only 21, he shows a degree of maturity rarely seen on the soccer pitch. Already famous, but still the shy boy who describes his Maradona moment with disarming simplicity: “I saw the gap and I went for it.” A young man who lives on both sides of the Atlantic. Between Rosario and Barcelona, from the light blue and white Argentina national team colours to the maroon and blue of Barça. His was a happy childhood, giving way to teenage years marked by daily hormone injections.

Author Luca Caioli draws on exceptional testimonies. Messi’s parents, Celia and Jorge, his brother Rodrigo and his uncles and aunts; his coaches at Grandoli and Newell’s Old Boys; Charly Rexach, Alex García, Frank Rjikaard, Gianluca Zambrotta from Barcelona; Hugo Tocalli, Pancho Ferrero, el Coco Basile, Roberto Perfumo from Argentina. And to conclude, Leo Messi himself sizes up his life so far.

Rights sold: Catalonian (Columna), Czech (Timy Partners), Danish (Turbulenz), English (Icon Books), French (Rocher), Germany (Werkstatt), Dutch (Uitgeverij Thomas Rap), Italian (Dalai Editore), Japanese (Toho Publishing), Korean (Joongang Life), Persian (Kelke Mashate), Polish (Sine Qua Non), Slovak (Timy Partners) Spanish (Planeta Argentina) Chinese (Sanghai 99) Bulgarian (M Books), Swedish (Spoerförlaget i Europ), Hungarian (Gabo), Hebrew (Yedioth Books) Indonesian (Ikhlas Media), Norwegian (Turbulenz) Finnish (Minerva), Greek (Papaddopoulos), Slovene (Ucila) languages.

"Worth reading because many predict he will turn out to be a sensation at this year's World Cup" The Independent

"Luca Caioli, con un estilo  de reportero curtido, de entrevistador sagaz y de periodista que  conoce los intríngulis del fútbol, traza un fresco magnifico  en varios registros: la sociología, la historia política de Argentina, el juego sucio de los despachos y la burocracia asesina. Y por fin la explosión planetaria en el Barcelona de Messi un niño bajito que creció un poco más a base de inyecciones" El Mundo

"Lionel Messi, der Weltfußballer des Jahres 2009, ist an einen guten Biografen geraten. Luca Caioli erzählt in seinem Buch "Messi" die ersten 23 Jahre im Leben des vielleicht besten Fußballers der Gegenwart. Caioli berichtet präzise, ja manchmal fast nüchtern" Badische Zeitung

"O jornalista italiano Luca Caioli conta na biografia Messi, o Miúdo Que Não Podia Crescer a história da viagem meteórica do filho de Jorge Messi e Celia Cucciltiri até ao topo do futebol" Público

"No livro "Messi, el Nen que no Podia Créixer" (inédito no Brasil), o jornalista italiano Luca Caioli relata a sensação, naquela equipe argentina, de que Messi dava pouco valor a rituais internos" Folha de S. Paulo

"Italian sports writer Luca Caioli writes about his origins, his incredible journey and the unfolding genius of the 2009 Fifa Player of the Year" Hindustan Times

"Messi, escrit per Luca Caioli, és un recull de la vida del jugador, des del moment de néixer fins a dia d’avui. Caioli recopila un seguit d’entrevistes a persones properes al futbolista. Amb elles descobrim aspectes íntims del jugador, així com algunes anècdotes personals" Nosaltresllegim.cat

Il Campione che sorride

TORRES An intimate portrait of the kid who became king
Corinthian Books, 2009, 270 pp.

This is the story of a kid who wanted to be a rock star but who turned into a football idol. It is the strange but true story of a Number 9 who is adored in the soccer-mad cities of Liverpool and Madrid but who hates watching football matches on television. From his birth in Madrid’s working-class Fuenlabrada district to his incredible 33-goal first season at Liverpool and his winning goal in the final of Euro 2008. This is an unofficial biography that begins in a Madrid bar almost 20 years ago and ends in the Austrian capital, Vienna on June 29, 2008.  A biography which journeys between Madrid and Liverpool meeting people that know El Niño well, from his fans to his father, from Rafa Benítez to Luis Aragonés, from Xavi Alonso to Pepe Reina, people who know the inside story of how The Kid became the King of Europe...


señor guerra

El doble desafío de Lance Armstrong
(The dual challenge of Lance Armstrong)
Viceversas, 2009, 224 pp.

The dual challenge of Lance Armstrong is a lively and well-researched account of Lance Armstrong’s comeback, the past and present of a champion who was able to defy death and come back to life.

Il Campione che sorride

IL CAMPIONE CHE SORRIDE - Ronaldinho, l’ultimo dei romantici
(Ronaldinho – The champion who smiles)
Limina, 2006, 190 pp.

 “God has given some people the gift of painting. He gave me the gift of playing football to make people happy”. A talent that Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, alias Ronaldinho, has not wasted. 
From Madrid to Porto Alegre, where the love story with the ball began 23 years ago, the ball that was his friend, companion and partner, with Dinho dodging in and out of chairs in the hallway at home. His father and maestro Joao died when Ronaldinho was eight. He was a shining example of life. Brother Roberto was his idol. Gremio Porto Alegre, where he played from age 7 to 21 and turned into the charismatic ugly duckling. The national Carioca: Zico, Rivaldo and Ronaldo, his role models. Paris, a kilo of caviar for every goal he scores, Ronaldinho’s gift from the PSG chairman. 2002 Japan/Korea and the amazing goal he scored against England. World Cup in the bag. Barça scuppers Manchester and Real Madrid. Ronaldinho arrives in Catalonia, where he becomes a player from another galaxy.
A love story brimming over with passion and the testimonies of its central characters. Ronaldinho and those closest to him. From Frank Rjikaard to his personal coach. A fascinating insight into the life of an unassuming and modest man who talks in a whispher. A happy man and a family man. A footballer who has unwittingly become an icon.

Rights sold : Brazilian (Mundo Editora), French (Solar), Japanese (Goma Books), Spanish and Catalonian (Mina/Enciclopedia Catalana) languages.

110 MINUTI, UNA VITA - La parabola di Zinédine Zidane

(Good bye Zidane)
Limina, 2006, 170 pp.

110 minutes of the World Cup final in Germany suffice to tell the story of Yazid from the working-class Marseille suburb of La Castellane.
The backdrop is Berlin’s Olympic Stadium: Italy vs. France, a single match as the connecting thread running through the last four months of Zidane and his brilliant career. When he announced at a packed news conference in Madrid on 26th April 2006 that he planned to retire from football after the World Cup, everyone rushed to do their sums. How many more times would we get to see one of the greatest players in history? Thirteen if everything goes well. Few, very few believe that France will get that far...
A enthralling epic in the best tradition of the great French writers, told in 110 minutes. This is the story of a champion who gets people talking: Vicente Del Bosque, Jorge Valdano, Marcello Lippi, Philippe Parreno, Lilian Thuram, Jaques Seguela, Jack Lang , Pierre Giacometti, Frédéric Hermel. Coaches, football players, sociologists, politicians, advertising men, celebrities and journalists are interviewed for this 360-degree perspective of France’s former number ten.

Rights sold : French (L’Equipe/Prolongations), Japanese (Goma Books).


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