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Destino, 2017, 120 pp.

An exquisite story of a beautiful emotional turmoil of unstoppable and unreciprocated love

“if you have never begged down on your knees not to be abandoned, if you have never dragged yourself to the feet of¡ your beloved and haven’t continued drooling to the lift and please, please, and you’ll do whatever she pleases, but please… if you have never been torn apart in the solitude of your house, nor kissed her photograph with a tenderness you did not know, nor squeezed her shirt against your face and smelt it and soaked it with your tears, then its better you let me alone and go away, because you will not understand a word of which I want to tell you, not a single word."

With his personal rhetoric, Celso Castro’s new novel rolls out like a ball of thread without end; a wonderful and heartbroken story about the slavery of total love, in this case unreciprocated. A young poet falls deeply in love with Sylvia, a beautiful older woman with whom he keeps a relationship. Surrounding the story, we find the biggest themes of the author: the relationship between mother and son, illness and the search for happiness in love. This is an overwhelming love story about not being love back.


entre culebras y extraños (Between dnakes and strangers)
Destino, 2015, 160 p.

The novel opens with the unexpected, sudden and shocking death of the narrator’s father. This tragic event will forever mark the life of the protagonist, an extremely sensitive teenager who loves Schopenhauer, is prone to any illness, is spoiled by his mother and constantly overwhelmed by the world that surrounds him.

To overcome his father's death, the boy finds solace in the love offered him by Sofia, a teenager of the same age who binds him in a fragile relationship which is continually broken and rebuilt and is as wonderful as it is tragic. But everything changes when a family secret comes to light. He will have to rely on the support of his sister, Vera, a rebellious young girl who has shared his upbringing, and who, deep down, is just as lost as he is.

Celso Castro, one of Spanish literature’s best-kept secrets, offers us this powerful story which, narrated with his unique style and poetic voice, becomes a novel that explores the depths of the human psyche.

"A novel of unquestionable artistic quality which, for its depth and intensity, deserves the attention of readers who are looking for something more in a narrative text than merely to pass the time" Ángel Basanta EL CULTURAL

"Read Castro’s novels; this isn’t a recommendation, it’s a must" Javier Avilés. EL LAMENTO DE PORTNOY 


Libros del Silencio , 2011, 280 pp.

Celso Castro emprende con astillas una búsqueda aún más ambiciosa de la libertad y la honestidad literarias. Su estilo, puro y genuino, y sus díscolos personajes nos sumergen en un relato marcado por los impulsos autodestructivos, la ansiedad creativa, las amenazas sobrenaturales y el amor, omnipresente y doloroso. Una novela por momentos oscura en la que, sin embargo, el único objetivo es la urgencia de vivir, de convertir la vida en algo que trascienda y escape de las limitaciones mediocres de la realidado.

"En cuanto uno se embarca en el flujo de conciencia del protagonista ya no se puede detener la lectura. Celso Castro construye un tren poético y narraivo del que uno no quiere bajarse" Thekankel, El Norte de Castilla


el afinador de habitaciones (The room tuner)
Novel preceded by a short story, la cuervo / the crow, 35 pp.)
Libros del Silencio, 2010, 116 pp.

A first-person almost oral narrative draws the reader into the world of an uncommonly lucid but candid 17-year-old who suffers from literature illness. The narrator lives with his grandmother and his mother’s ghost and works in the archives section of a library. After work he goes to a bar called La Gaviota  where he drinks brandy to relieve his anxiety. Here he becomes involved with the owner’s daughter Rosalia and meets Draque, a shady character who he introduces to literature and who is found dead not long after. He soon falls in love with Esther, who ends up fleeing to Saint Petersburg leaving him with Iris.

Audiobook (Adiomol)

This novel of great narrative strength and beauty is accompanied by a short story entitled La Cuervo which describes the initiation to love of two youngsters and explores the fascination generated by the deformity of a girl who always dresses in black because of her mother’s illness and ends up being nicknamed “the crow”.

“It is an act of poetic justice to emphasize the subversive value of Celso Castro” Enrique Vila-Matas


el cerco de Beatrice
Ediciones del Viento , 2007, 240 pp.

"el cerco de beatrice" es una fantástica historia de amores narrada con portentosa imaginación. Obra audaz y llena de humor que oculta también la tristeza y el desarraigo de unos personajes cuyas vidas se entrecruzan en una ciudad costera del noroeste cercada por el océano. La fuerza y la originalidad de la voz narrativa y la altísima calidad literaria hacen de esta novela uno de los acontecimientos literarios más importantes de los últimos año.

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