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diaz sosa
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diaz sosa

Miguel Díaz Sosa
(Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) is an internationally acclaimed expert in sky observation techniques and astrophotography, a vocation that has engendered Callejero Celeste and Rutas del cielo, among other works. The publication in recent years of his photographs in National Geographic and other leading specialist publications further attest to his excellence in this field.
Diaz Sosa has broken new ground worldwide in the course of his extensive field work, which amounts to over 12,000 hours. He is an advisor to the Canary Islands’ astrophysics institute and a scriptwriter for the audiovisual series, Cielos sobre Canarias.
Since 1999, he has been the astrophotography chief on the Shelios expedition, made up of a select international group of astrophysicists whose mission is to record outstanding events such as solar eclipses, auroras borealis and meteor showers.
He recently directed Joyero Celeste, a documentary series in 3D on astronomy and cosmology, his most ambitious project to date. He possesses an impressive stock of photographic material and has several books in the pipeline.


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