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Amazon, iTunes, 2013

What if a god from Antiquity were to turn up nowadays in a country property in Granada, inciting all women to accompany him to a rave in Sierra Nevada? This is the one possibility that ¡Baco! sets out to consider. As the subtitle reads, the play is a “Flamenco-pop Tragedy in three acts and one musical piece”, where the stage is taken over by the everlasting battle between faith and reason, freedom and order, pleasure and repression. Fresh, cheeky and notoriously libertarian, ¡Baco! will please every single one of its readers.

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El sueño de Omar
(Omar's Dream)

Illustrated story
Ediciones Salitre, 2012

Omar’s Dream tells the tale of a child’s night fantasy. In his sleep, Omar sees himself as a figure formed by the letters in his name: the “O” being his head, the “M” his arms and chest, the “A” his stomach and the “R” his legs. Different winds will fly these letters, toss them around and drop them forming new words (in Spanish, of course): amor, roma, mora, ramo, mar… and Omar will figure himself turned into these other “things”. In its English version, Omar’s Dream is a great introduction to a few basic Spanish words and their pronunciation. A children’s story about letters, word formation and imaginative metamorphosis.

cuenta atrás

Rosita y el negro
Amazon, 2012

Rosita López-Trigo is a top television host based in Madrid -the “Spanish Oprah”, as they call her. When a literary agent from Barcelona challenges her to write a novel and submit it to the substantial Meta Prize for Fiction, she accepts. Very soon she will realize that the task requires an extra hand. What better help than Conrado, an old friend and unemployed fiction writer? While on the job, Rosita’s ghost-writer (negro, in Spanish) will himself resort to other sources of inspiration… However, a rift between them brings about Conrado’s reaction and its surprising outcome. Fresh and ironic, Rosita y el negro is a light-hearted satire of how Spain’s book publishing industry forges literary hits.

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tratado sobre la resaca

El matrimonio del cielo y el infierno (The Marriage of Heaven and Hell) de William Blake
Cátedra, 2002, 147 pp (2012, 4th edition)
A critical edition by Fernando Castanedo

The present edition of William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell includes an Introduction, Bibliography, Explanatory notes and the English original text and Spanish translation on facing pages. It also reproduces the twenty seven colour plates of Blake's original Marriage (copy H), deposited at Cambridge University's Fitzwilliam Museum. Acclaimed by both specialists ang general readers, Dr. Castanedo's Introduction comprises a "Life of Blake", as well as sections on the dates of production of the text and plates, literary genre and historical context of the work.

"The edition is based upon the best and most recent Blake scholarship" G. E. Bentley, University of Toronto


Triunfo y muerte del general Castillo

Pre-textos, 1999, 273 pp.
Runner-up to the Tigre Juan Prize in 1999

April 1st 1939. As the last dispatch announces the end of the Spanish Civil War, a victorious general Ramón Castillo returns to his small home town of San Pedro de Maso to be hailed as a hero. Everyone in Spain deemed his sacrifice during the first days of the War an act of terrifying self-renunciation. Everyone except his wife, Josefina. After three barren years trying to come to terms with what happened, she finally understands that the only way for her to complete her mourning is through retribution. And so, in the same way as she has been embroidering a symbolic tapestry for her husband to step on when he arrives home, she has duly worked to enact her revenge

"A splendid Greek tragedy" Javier Goñi, El País

"An exceptional tour de force" Rafael Conte, ABC

"A magnificent story" Care Santos, El Cultural

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