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Cielo abajo


Prisioneros de zenda (novela ilustrada)
SM, 2012, 207 pp.

Fernando Marías y Javier Olivares hacen su particular homenaje al género de aventuras a través de cuatro historias en las que un pirata, un bandolero, un zombi y un extraño hombre de las nieves nos hablan de las debilidades del corazón humano.

Cielo abajo

El silencio de mueve
(Silence in Motion)

Novel for young and adult readers
SM, 2010, 350 pp

A crossover novel for young readers and adults told against the backdrop of Spain’s historical memory. A comic book, some mysterious drawings, access to a web page containing the findings of an investigation, blogs, videos, fake film sequences, … these are just some of the ingredients in this highly original and groundbreaking novel brimming with plot twists, suspense and novel concepts. (

Cielo abajo

Cielo abajo
Novel for young and adult readers
Anaya, 2005, 209 pages
Anaya prize for children’s literature, 2005
National prize for young and children’s literature, 2006

In November 1936 General Franco’s troops stormed Madrid. But the city withstood the attack. What really happened on that day? Joaquin Dechen, a youth who dreams of becoming an aviator, is caught up in the epic battle and finds himself faced with a choice between reason, treason and honour. A historic novel and a love story for young readers and adults alike, and for all those who, despite the war, never forgot the real meaning of the word “loyalty”. 

Rights sold: Russian (Samokat)


La batalla de Matxitxako
(The battle of Matxitxako)
Novel for young readers
Anaya, 2002, 190 pages

A film producer and his scriptwriter go to Lekeito to work on an audiovisual production. A phantasmagorical woman crosses their path, and a man a hundred years old who wants to reveal the secret that has torn his heart apart. His story is set against the backdrop of an unequal combat that took place during the Spanish civil war at Cape Matxitxako between the Francoist warship Canarias and a group of Basque fishermen.

el vengador de Rif

El vengador del Rif
(The Avenger of the Rif)
Historical novel for young readers
Anaya, 2001, 114 pages

A screenwriter is hired to prepare the script for a film set in Spanish Morocco. In doing so, he unwittingly exposes a long-forgotten and mysterious story, the tale of The Avenger of the Rif Mountains. In the early 1900s, against a backdrop of chaos and corruption, and in the throes of a revolt involving various Rif mountain tribes, a group of Spanish officers devise a scheme to defraud, with tragic consequences. Soon after, all those involved end up falling into the hands of mysterious avenger who inexorably dispenses his own special brand of justice.

hombres película

Los fabulosos Hombres Película
(The Fabulous Film Men)

Novel for young readers
Anaya, 1998, 120 pages

Desperate to lose his virginity, 15-year old Fernando cashes in on a long summer weekend to try and seduce his new neighbour. But he unwittingly embarks on a trip that sends him delving into his own past. Fernando discovers that the fire that burned down the cinema where his father used to work was no accident.

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