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31 noches (31 Nights) (Thriller)
Suma de Letras, 2012, 160 pp.

«In the Columbian’s house they found two pistols, a sawed-off shotgun, a butcher’s knife, some cocaine, three practically pre-historic cell phones and 19,000 Euros in 6 bundles of wrinkled bills stashed behind the fuse box. But what really disturbed Velasco, what made his heart skip a beat, was that room: it had no windows, and the ceiling, floor and all of the walls were completely covered in clear plastic, the kind used by painters to protect furniture. No paint brush was to be found anywhere, though, and the room was clean and completely empty except for a bucket. The bucket was full of sulphuric acid».

31 Nights make up a month of August that has its beginning and its ending in a bucket just waiting to dissolve a corpse. This truly corrosive story has its origins in the heart of Madrid’s Premium discotheque, where a journalist finds himself dragged into a dizzying spiral of crime involving ruthless drug lords, disco thugs and unsettled debts.

«I’m one of those guys that says I can’t stand violence, that I’d never hurt a fly. That summer I found out it wasn’t true».

"An unsettling detective novel….that will make your blood run cold."

"With 31 Nights, the crime fiction genre gains a valuable new, impeccably paced addition"

"A scathing portrayal of society, written with uncanny rhythm and clarity of ideas."

"Action-packed writing and a vivid, cinematographic style"


Rights sold : Galician (Rinoceronte)

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