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Mientras no digas te quiero (As long as you don't say you love me)
Planeta, 2014, 400 pp.

Iris is walking a tightrope. She either accepts her boss' proposal or she'll be out on the street. None other than to set up a seduction workshop. To her surprise, five women who feel stuck in their love lives turn up to the Star-Bien, the centre where she imparts her classes. With Iris by their side, each one will adopt the role of an ancient goddess and gradually learn how to seduce, although not in the way they had envisaged, and not even in the way a surprised Iris had imagined. The reader will be privy to alternating sessions.

A choral novel that will especially delight a female audience. An optimistic book that, with lots of romance, a little humour and a touch of eroticism, builds a delightful story of love, in the singular, and women, in the plural. Or vice-versa.

Rights sold: Italian (Feltrinelli)


Planeta, 2011, 232 pp.

Zero es miedoso, poco hablador, inseguro, con unos padres protectores… Pero un buen día se cae por un agujero y, oh sorpresa, aparece en un mundo nuevo, emocionante y que cambiará su vida para siempre. Pero ¿quién es Zero en realidad? ¿Un héroe o un simple PIRATA? Zero es su vida. Zero es su historia.


El arte de perder (The art of losing)
Planeta, 2009, 344 pp.
Azorín Prize 2009

In the game of love, the winners are those who are prepared to lose. Sara wants to escape neat conformist moulds. She wants to love without restraint and without conventionalisms. She wants to be what she is at any given time, not what she is supposed to be. She is looking for a man who is both free and strong, one who is capable of accepting this challenge and accompanying her on her chosen path. In this novel, the mystery resides in the hidden motives of the heart. The crime is to dominate your feelings, to go against your own emotions, to resist loving. The detective is Sara, a woman in love and a woman who is investigating love... a woman fighting to make love real. The danger resides in being destroyed by the need for affection, by nostalgia, by desire.

Rights sold: Rumanian (Pandora)


Mariposas en la nieve
(Butterflies in the snow)
Anagrama, 2006, 172 p.

What does growing up really mean? We shoulder responsibilities and we are in charge. Playing is a pleasure that has been taken away from  us. Somewhere or other, it seems to be written that adults are supposed to be serious and respectable rather than spontaneous and fun. Is it possible to retrieve that part of the childhood we have lost? The protagonist of this story is caught up in an adventure that throws her orderly life into disarray. On her way home one evening, she gets lost in the barren and disturbing mountain village of Raspajo de la Sierra, colliding headlong with the caricatures of such hard-won respectability only to rediscover the courage and joy of the little girl inside herself. Back in the routine of everyday life, she will try to find clues as to how to start living without clipped wings. This is a story of mystery and suspense, a contemporary fairytale for those of us who still believe in them. A novel of unlearning where there is no room for miracles, but rather for the hopeful fantasy of what is possible.

Audiobook (Adiomol)


Una mujer desnuda
(A naked woman)
Anagrama, 2004, 209 p.

With the press on the verge of printing a story that will destroy her political career once and for all, interior minister Martina Iranco decides to put pen to paper. The reader becomes a witness and an accomplice to her astonishing confession. She describes her private universe and the key moments in her life, leaving nothing out. Steadily peeling away the glitz and glitter of her social life, dispensing with morality and modesty, she confronts her past: from the forbidden passion of a taboo affair with a friend of her father’s when she was still a child to the dangerous sexual adventures she throws herself into as an adult, Martina traces the unflinching quest of a young woman in search of love and affection, a quest that has marked her life. With great literary density, the narrator courageously gets to grips with our most deeply-entrenched prejudices concerning sexuality and feminine desire.

Rights sold: Portuguese (Teorema), French (Editions Stock), Italian (Alberto Castelvecchi), Rumanian (Trei).

Audiobook (Adiomol)


luna en jorge

La luna en Jorge (The moon in Jorge)
Destino, 2001, 421 p.
Nadal Prize finalist, 2001

We are introduced to a successful pilot who suddenly falls prey to a poetry attack and starts talking in verse. His lyrical metamorphosis should be understood as a metaphor of the triumph of feelings, beauty and dreams over reason. A manifesto of true happiness.


La debutante (The debutant)
Alba, 1996, 152 p.

Eva, 40, takes stock of her situation. Single, not very attractive, old-fashioned and bored with life, she decides that she is going become rich and successful, even if she has to kill in the process.

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