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Six murder novels (and a short story book – Nadie vale más que otro) that feature an atypical Spanish Civil Guard (Bevilacqua), a bachelor well into his thirties, and his young assistant (Chamorro), who have nothing in common with their infamous predecessors. While the stories themselves are admirable the author develops a subplot around the envolving relationship between Bevilacqua and Chamorro, which is as interesting as the primary plot. The verbal and situational humour of it adds greatly to the delight of the novels.

Sold in all over 1.000.000 copies in Spanish

la reina sin espejo

Los cuerpos extraños
Destino, 2014, 352 pp.

Mientras pasa el fin de semana en familia, el brigada Bevilacqua recibe el aviso de que el cadáver de la alcaldesa de una localidad levantina, cuya desaparición había sido previamente denunciada por el marido, ha sido hallado por unos turistas en la playa. Para cuando Bevilacqua y su equipo llegan y se hacen cargo de la investigación, el juez ya ha levantado el cadáver, las primeras disposiciones están tomadas y se está preparando el funeral.

El lugar es un avispero en el que se desatan todo tipo de rumores sobre la víctima, una joven promesa que venía a romper con los modos y corruptelas de los viejos mandarines del partido y que apostaba por renovar el modo de hacer política. Además, el descubrimiento de su agitada vida sexual, que puede calificarse de todo menos insípida, arroja sobre el caso una luz perturbadora.

Pero no hay mucho tiempo para indagar y en esta ocasión Bevilacqua y Chamorro deben apresurar una hipótesis en un fuego de intereses cruzados, en el que la causa de la joven política es también la causa de la integridad personal, de la que el país entero parece haberse apeado.



la reina sin espejo

La marca del meridiano (The Meridian Mark)
Planeta, 2012, 400 pp.
Planeta Prize 2012

In a society debased by dirty money and exploitation, love can nevertheless soothe the raging beast. A retired policeman is found hanging from a bridge having been murdered in a humiliating manner. The investigation into the crime must be carried out by his old friend and protégé, officer Bevilacqua, and will open a Pandora’s Box of police corruption, unscrupulous criminals and a quixotic man seeking to redeem his shattered life through duty and impossible love. Set in contemporary Catalonia, this gripping detective novel by Lorenzo Silva, an undisputed master of the genre, goes beyond the plot to present a gritty portrait of a human being beset by moral doubt, inner-demons and the wrong choices they have made.

Rights sold: Greek (Papadopoulos), Italian (Guanda), Bulgarian (Izida), Roumanian (Rao) languages and film rights sold.

la reina sin espejo

La estrategia del agua (The Water Strategy)
Destino, 2010, 350 p.

Bevilacqua - more incisive and more ingenious than ever- his assistant Virgina Chamorro and a new character, their pupil Arnau, are now confronted with a case involving marriage fallouts ending up in a fierce battle for child custody, one in which the reader is drawn into the world of drugs and drug trafficking and the dodgy dealings of senior members of the legal profession. When a dead body is found at an elevator door, police report a case of murder at the hands of professional assassins. A meticulous investigation is set in motion in which the main suspect is the victim’s ex-wife, an unscrupulous woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. In this novel, Lorenzo Silva draws on a real-life story that took place in Madrid. The water strategy, is perfect as a metaphor of the victim’s deepest motivation: “water has no constant form and therefore conquers”

Rights sold:  Italian (Guanda) language.

la reina sin espejo

La reina sin espejo (The Queen without a Looking Glass)
Destino, 2005, 384 p.
A woman is found stabbed to death in a small town in the province of Zaragoza. Criminal investigator Ruben Bevilacqua and his assistant, Virginia Chamorro, are called to the scene, only to discover that the victim is none other than Neus Barutell, a famous journalist married to an acclaimed Catalan writer. Media hounds are soon sniffing around for sensationalist scoops, putting additional pressure on the two detectives. It is in these strange and disconcerting circumstances that they go to work, stealthily delving beneath the surface of the victim’s public life to discover the weaknesses and insecurities she had managed to conceal under her polished and confident exterior. Bevilacqua and Chamorro will also have to analyse her last journalistic writings. The trail leads them to Barcelona and the initial clues point to a crime of passion in a world of vanity and conceit, evasion and secrecy, one that reaches down into the sordid underworld of the city.
The queen without a looking glass immerses the reader in a complex and spellbinding thriller in which the two Guardia Civil sleuths are required to solve perplexing literary enigmas drawn from Alice through the looking glass, while unraveling cybernetic relationships and collaborating with the local police to resolve this thorny and difficult case.

Rights sold: Italian (Longanesi) and Danish (EC) language.

carta blanca

Nadie vale más que otro
Destino, 2004, 220 pp.

Four new cases for Bevilacqua and Chamorro: Un asunto rutinario, Un asunto familiar, Un asunto conyugal and Un asunto vecinal.

la niebla y la doncella

La niebla y la doncella (The Mist an the Maiden)
Destino, 2002, 300 p.
The couple of detectives are sent to the Canary Islands to elucidate the truth about the murder of a young man two years earlier on the Island of Gomera for which an important local government figure had been accused and acquitted. They work closely with the island's Civil Guards but a second murder takes place that touches them all closely. The story is complex because of the personal relationships that become entwined with the murders. We learn more about the two detectives and their maturing relationship.

Film Rights optioned 2013

El alquimista impaciente

El alquimista impaciente
(The Impatient Alchemist)
Destino, 2000, 280 pp.
Winner of the Nadal Prize, 2000.

A naked dead body, with no signs of violence, is found tied up to the bed of a highway motel. Bevilacqua and Chamorro will get to know the victim's most shameful and dark side, his surprising secret life, as well as the people that surround him at home and at the nuclear power plant where he worked. But as in alchemy, the key lies in patience...

"Silva places before us the sterile lives of the nouveaux riches in the fashionable foothills north of Madrid, provincial politicians on the take, arrogant, tax-cheating land developers (...) In truth, it is difficult to know where the detective work stops and social criticism begins". World Literature Today

Rights sold:  Danish (EC Edition) language.
Film adaptation : Tornasol Films & Continental, 2002 (director : Patricia Ferreira).

El lejano país de los estanques

El lejano país de los estanques
(The Far Country of Pools)
Destino, 1998, 243 pp.
Winner of the Ojo Crítico prize, 1998

In the middle of a torrid month of August, the experienced Sergeant Bevilacqua receives the order to investigate the death of a young Austrian lesbian girl found in the Mediterranean Island Mallorca. His subordinate is novice agent Chamorro, and with her, he will have to go undercover in seedy nightclubs and nudists beaches.

Rights sold Italian (Guanda) language.

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