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La razón de las piedras (The Stones know the Truth)
El Aleph, 2011, 350 pp.

Toledo, 1945. German Yuste, a republican who has fought against Franco ’s armies, returns to Toledo after years away. Every night he roams the city of his youth searching for memories of his past life. He sees his sister Carmen again and she tells him how their parents were murdered by the Francoists in 1936. He is reunited with his old friend Alvaro, the sculptor with whom he had shared an exultant youthful ardour, only tempered by the atmosphere of the small provincial capital. German and Alvaro also shared their love for Paula, a love compounded by similar artistic ideals and ambitions, transporting them to a level of matchless plenitude. But the love triangle breaks up with the onset of the civil war and Paula ends up marrying a falangista. In reality, German has not only returned to summon up memories, but to continue the struggle.

A good story well told in poetic efficient prose, conjuring up an atmosphere of mystery where time stands still.


Un error de cálculo (An Error of Calculation)
El Aleph, 2010, 430 pp.

Schoolteacher Teodoro Sagredo decides to shave off his beard only months away from his fiftieth birthday. An insignificant act that nonetheless turns his life upside down when neither his family nor his close friends are able to recognize him despite his insistence that he is Teodoro. He ends up being confined to a lunatic asylum where he establishes a relationship with his doctor, with the mother superior of the nuns who work at the hospital, with a girl he falls in love with and who he christens Libertad, with Pio Baroja himself in the hospital’s extraordinary library, and with various other characters, some improbable, some literary and some outrageous. Locked in his room, it is Teodoro himself who tells this remarkable story, which basically questions our identity in the world that surrounds us.

A novel that defies classification; an ingenious, surprising and highly entertaining literary tour de force

Rights sold: Romanian (Editura Allfa)

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