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el mundo alucinante

El mundo alucinante

©1968; Tusquets, 1997, 312 p.
Femina Prize (France), 1968

In the brilliant tradition of  Don Quixote and Candide, this works examines the peregrinations of Brother Servando in the eighteenth century. A blend of fact and fiction, this novel is a philosophical black comedy, a modern masterpiece of Latin American fiction.

Rights sold: Brazil (Record), Croatian (Profil), Polish (Taiwpn Univesitas), French (1001 Nuits/Fayard), Russian (Ivan Limbakh), Korean (Access Korean) Hebrew (Carmel), Portuguese (Dom Quixote).

Critical edition by Enrico Mario Santí: Cátedra - Letras Hispánicas, 2009


Celestino antes del alba
(originally published as "Cantando en el Pozo") (Singing from the Well)

©1965; Tusquets, 2000, 250 p.

In turn explosively crude and lyrical, this novel explores the childhood of the poet-narrator in a primitive environment. In the hills surrounding his home another reality exists, a place where his mother wears flowers in her hair and his cousin Celestino, a poet who inscribes verse on the trunks of trees, understands the vision of the narrator. "One of the most beautiful novels ever written about childhood, adolescence and life in Cuba",  Carlos Fuentes. 

Rights sold: French (1001 Nuits/Fayard), Serbian (Strik) Finnish (Ivan Rotta), Hebrew (Carmel), Portuguese (Ambar).

el palacio

El palacio de las blanquísimas mofetas (The Palace of the White Skunks)

©1965; Tusquets, 2001, 366 p.

This novel explores the author’s youth during Batista’s dictature.

Rights sold: French (1001 Nuits/Fayard), Japanese (Inscript).


Otra vez el mar (Farewell to the Sea)
©1962; Tusquets, 2002, 378 p.

Cuban revolutionary process from 1958 to 1970.  

Rights sold: French (1001 Nuits/Fayard), Portuguese (Ambar).

el color del verano

El color del verano (Color of Summer)
©1990; Tusquets, 1999, 472 p.

A big carnaval in Cuba for the fiftieth anniversary of the dictator Fifo in power.

Rights sold: French (1001 Nuits/Fayard)

el asalto

El asalto (The Assault)
©1991; Tusquets, 2003, 190 p.

Arid fable about man’s destiny which imposes itself on dreams and projects. 

Rights sold: French (1001 Nuits/Fayard), Portuguese (Ambar).

la loma

La loma del ángel
(Graveyard of the Angels)

©1987; Dador, 1989, 156 p.

A sarcastic and irreverent spoof of Cirilio Villaverde’s classic work Cecilia Valdés.

Rights sold: French (Actes Sud), German (Ammann Verlag)

el portero

El portero
(The Doorman)

©1990; Tusquets, 2004, 256 p.

A young Cuban refugee becomes a doorman at a luxury apartment block in Manhattan. Oddly alienated by the tenants, Juan finds himself being seduced by their pets - a bear, a rattlesnake, an orangutan, goldfish, cats, dogs… The animals are determined to recruit him for their cause, a revolt against humans and human society. Fantastic, satirical, dizzyingly inventive, this is a bittersweet parable about freedom, told with a profound sense of humanity.

Rights sold: Brazilian (Record), Czech (Garamond), Portuguese (Dom Quixote).

arturo la estrella mas brillante

Arturo la estrella más brillante
Short story
©1984; Ediciones Universal, 2001, 82 p.

Rights sold: Brazilian (Record), French (1001 Nuits/Fayard), German (Dia), Italian (L'Ancora)

termina el desfile

Termina el desfile
Short stories
©1981; Tusquets, 2007

Rights sold: French (1001 Nuits/Fayard), Portuguese (Dom Quixote).

adios a mama

Adiós a mamá
Short stories
©1995; Tusquets, 2007, 190 p.

Rights sold: French (1001 Nuits/Fayard), Italian (Edizioni Socrates)

viaje a la habana

Viaje a la Habana
Short stories
©1990; Mondadori, 1990

Rights sold: French (Actes Sud), German (Dia), Japanese (Gendai Kikakushitsu), Finnish (Ivan Rotta & Co.)


©1981, 1990; Lumen, 2001, 256 p.

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