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Poet, novelist and playwright, Reinaldo Arenas (Cuba 1943 - New York 1990) studied philosophy and literature at Havana University and later worked in the National Library. In 1973 he was sent to prison for "ideological deviation". In 1980 he moved to the US as part of the Mariel exodus.  His autobiography Before night falls (rights held by Tusquets) was an unexpected success and in 2000 was made into a film directed by Julian Schnabel and starring Sean Penn and Javier Bardem.
His works have been translated into English, German, French, Portuguese (in Portugal and Brazil), Japanese, Korean, etc.
"Reinaldo Arenas is a writer of tremendous talent; he is a force of nature, someone born to write". J. Lezama Lima.
"A remarkable writer as much for his talent as for his intel-lectual dignity. I am his reader and his admirer". Octavio Paz.



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